Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I took back some dead trees to Home Depot this past week and got store credits. For those store credits I got plants and trees. Here is a little pink gratefruit that I'm going to leave on my porch for now in a big pot.

When My family was out my sister-in-law asked me if I was ever going to stop planting more trees. I just looked at her but then lately I started wondering just how many trees I've planted. After counting them up there are 80 trees and more than 50% of those are fruit and nut trees. I still have plans for more trees. I want more mesquites and palo verdes in certain areas and I would like to plant more pomegranates and nuts for a cash crop. I'm thinking about almonds since they seem to be available here at Home Depot and Wallmart with the year guarantee. I like almonds almost better than any kind of nut so I'm thinking maybe 10 - 20 trees for a cash crop. I'll list the trees in a later blog.
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