Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First iris

You know Spring has sprung when the first iris blooms. Unlike last year everything is green this year. Lots of pasture for Cheriki and Sage so I'm not buying hay for awhile. I'm spending the money stockpiling chicken scratch and grain just in case prices go up and it becomes difficult to feed them. I'm also planting and growing lots of chicken feed. Right now the chickens are in their pen and I have three little hens setting. This morning was fun as one of the hens was out of her little cubby hole and I had to keep all the other nosey hens from bothering her eggs. Finally she rejoined her eggs and I could rest. I'm cutting weeds and taking a big garbage barrel full of weeds for the chickens to scratch in to their pen. They really look forward to it and do a good job of cleaning up the greens.
I can hardly believe how much fruit is coming on my trees. Lots of figs now forming. My oldest apricot tree is loaded as is the oldest plum. The peach that came up from one of the plum roots has fruit on it and the plum is just now blooming. I have lots of little almonds on the almond trees and even some little apples forming. I'm going to get some kind of bird protection up soon so I may actually get to eat some of the fruit. Spring is such a wonderful time.
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