Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chicks hatched this week, Monday. Two moma hens and 5 chicks. There were originally 12 eggs, 6 under each . Once the first 5 were hatched the hens left the eggs and it looks like they are going to share the chicks. There is another hen setting in another place and they should hatch in about a week. There may be more of a chance of 100% hatch with her because she has made her nest on the ground. With these chicks once some chicks are out of the nest and on the ground the hens leave the nests and stay on the ground with the chicks. The eggs were all ready cold when I realized the chicks had hatched. I was expecting them on Wednesday. Too late. This is the inside of the long hen house. I'm bringing the chicks and hens ground up scratch two or three times a day. I grind it in my coffee mill .
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