Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update of events.

I can't believe it's been over a year and a half since I have posted.  My camera went down, my computer went down and I was busy gardening. 

I had an abundant garden and ate almost exclusively from it throughout the Spring and Summer.  By the end of Summer the heat had worn me down but I gathered pumpkins, tomatoes, and winter squashes to use throughout the winter.  I had many turns with weeds and finally by the end of the season crab grass had taken hold in much of the garden.  I am  now cleaning out the crab crass row by row and will begin planting again this month. I hope to add more mulch.  I have chickens that lay plenty of eggs for me and I continue to give them to neighbors, food banks and family.  My son brought me a cat and before I could get her spayed she had 4 kittens.  I now have 5 full grown cats that are indoor, outdoor cats and are doing a wonderful job of making the critters,especially the antelope squirrels leave me some fruit and nuts.  I had an abundant crop of pistachios this year. 

My faithful companion, my dog Manna died this summer and is in a grave behind one of the trees.  She had been with me for 12 + years and I don't know how old she was when I rescued her. She got one last swim in Burro Creek pond before she died.  That was a happy day for her and I like remembering it.  

My son went to California to finish raising his youngest son through highschool so I am again on my own and getting older.  Not as easy for me anymore at close to 75.  

The fruit and nut trees are coming out of a harsh cold this winter.  The Pluets, Apricots, and Almonds are now blooming and one Apple.  Many of the other trees are beginning to bud.  

I sold my goats this winter after I struggled through hand feeding one billy and the other billy the mother accepted.  I realized that many of my injuries were goat related.  A broken ankle, a twisted knee, an attack by invading dogs that cracked my rib.  

Last summer I was able to plant more native trees and many of them are growing and filling in the gaps between the fruit and nut trees.  I now want to plant in bunches, with a variety of the permaculture plant guilds.  I hope to expand the food forest from that point.  I replaced a Santa Rosa plum that died after a rain at 5 years.  I fear the reports of poisoning from arial spraying known as Chemtrails is true as the tree died so suddenly after a heavy rain.  The replaced Santa Rosa was planted with sweet potatoes and peanuts and I hope to add alflafa for mulch.  

I now have a refurbished computer my son sent me and I hope to get a camera set up soon too so I can post pictures.  Life goes on.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another shot of the garden area

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My son moved here recently and this is the new garden area he is preparing. 

Bountiful Baskets

A new source of vegies and fruits is a co op called Bountiful Baskets @  For a $15 dollar donation you get this group of vegies and fruits. They deliver once a week  and in many locations.  Check out their web page. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Police State in Mohave County Building: Check Point

This is what citizens must go through to go to a public meeting in the County building in Mohave County Arizona. This was Mondays , public supervisors meeting.