Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Wayfarer Bread pt 1

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Commodity Speculation = Hunger

More of the anaconda squeeze for profiteers. If only we could want just enough and not too much.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sometimes I can't sleep and get up to look for something on TV.  Since most of the tv stations have advertising on at night I went over to Bloomburg Tv.  The show was about how some of the biggest business men on Wall Street got so rich.  One of the Wall Street elite got his start by lending money to mom and pop businesses, then when they got in trouble he took them over and added them to conglomerates.  Squeeze and swallow.

Then I flipped over to a show that was about how anaconda's are taking over some Florida neighborhoods and eating family pets.  These were pet snakes that people bought when they were small.  When they got too big for people to manage they would take them out to the wet lands and let them loose.  Anaconda's have two defenses, several rows of teeth in their mouth that are like fishooks and the ability to squeeze their prey to death.  These snakes are growing very large and procreating. 

It struck me how similar the situation was with the Wall Street business man who was so very wealthy and the anaconda.  Get your hooks in, squeeze to death and swallow them whole.  Anaconda's if large enough can swallow an allegator or a man.   In the case of anaconda's new laws have been made against people dumping them as they are seen as a hazard to the well being to man.  There is also a new program to capture and destroy.  It's too bad that the predatory businessmen are not treated with the same precaution and laws. 

I keep going back to a scripture in the bible that stated the ideal would be that everyman should sit under his own vine and fig tree.  Anaconda businessmen make slaves of others while they greedily grab far more than they need to survive or be comfortable.  They compete with each other for the highest position in the elite society while squeezing the life out of their fellow man.