Sunday, April 13, 2008

It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday and I spent a good part of the day working outdoors. I did lots of weed chopping and planting all those trees I bought and traded last week on the windy days. Notice how different the terrain looks this year. Spring rains brings forth grass and wild flowers. This is a picture of my elderberry bush I planted last fall. In front of it is a blooming globe mallow. You can see the big new house built this year in the right hand upper corner. I love it when the globe mallow grows with the desert marigold as the bright yellow flowers with the beautiful apricot of the globe mallow really compliment each other. I have encouraged both to grow all over my property. Yesterdays warmth brought out the blooms. This is a young globe mallow but some of the bushes are three to four feet high and bush way out. I'm thinking that when they are done blooming I'm going to cut the stems and use them for mulch, lots of bio mass.
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