Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aloe blooming. I love their long stems and red flowers.They mulitply very quickly. Iris haven't bloomed this year yet. I see other peoples iris's blooming and wonder if I'll have flowers this year. I see a few of the leaves thickening so that is a good sign. Maybe they need dividing already. Century plant putting out babies as well, I'm going to dig them and plant them in other places. I've found they make good nurse plants for starting seedlings. I have one that has nursed desert marigolds and a desert bird of paradise, where I scattered seeds. A bathtub getting ready to plant and the brown frig in back is where the hen was hatching her chicks. I think my cherry tree died , in the background. This has been an exceptionally windy year. Very hard on trees. I'm planning on trying shade/wind breaks around the trees I plant this year.
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