Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I had hauled some loads of straw and manure out of the horse corral to mulch my trees. Then I went in the house for breakfast. I went back out and was doing some planting when suddenly here comes Cheriki racing around the property. The feeling of freedom captured in her gallop round and round. I went to the front of the property and closed my gate. Cheriki and Sage were out of their pasture most of the day. They enjoyed it for sure but finally I got some carrots and they followed me back to the corral to have their treats. I must have left the gate open in the morning when I loaded the hay and manure. For the most part there was no harm done except my naughty Sage pulled up my little gratefruit tree. This little tree made it through the heavy frosts this winter but it couldn't survive Sages mischievious soul. They are both gentle girls and no problem. I would let them run loose around the house if it weren't for the young trees. Once the trees are more mature they will not be able to harm them. Winds came up fierce again this afternoon but the evening turned out nice.
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JoTee said...

oh I loved this story...keep sharing...hugs Jody