Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yesterday was a run around day but I stopped at the Swap Meet. Look what I got! This beautiful little green wagon for $10. It's contents cost more than that and as you can see I have some work ahead of me. I had several people stop me and tell me what a bargain I got. They said it was an antique , the wooden handle , dated it. I love these little wagons because they have the hard wheels that don't go flat. I have a little red wagon I purchased about 3 years ago for $12 at the swap meet and it has served me well. I haul all kinds of stuff around with it. I also purchased one of those big fancy wagons one day on sale , I think they normally run around $89 and I got it for $20 less but it sits, as the inflatable tires just don't hold up here with all the goat head stickers I have. Even with the green slime in the tires they always seem to be flat. Give me a little old fashioned hard wheeled wagon, anytime. I'm so pleased I ran into this one.
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