Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here is the work I'm doing around the trees. According to the rainharvesting book trenches filled with mulch will catch more rain and hold the water for the trees . Less water will run off . These trenches should be at the outer edges of where the tree drip line would be then you bring it in to a couple feet of the tree making a depression full of mulch. This is a fruitless mulberry. I have one mulberry that has the fruiting kind coming up from the roots. It is both fruitless and fruiting. The white pipe thing you see in the background is where I used to haul my water and put it in the underground storage tank. The pump would pull it up whenever I turned the water on. I'm thinking about digging it up and putting in a swimming pool. Just thinking. Manna heading for the shade and chickens busy as always. Not much growing of late. Seems like everytime we have rain we have hard winds for days after. Very drying to the soil.
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