Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last year my son in law took two months off work and did some work for me, paid of course. I think he does nice work. I had him build an outdoor kitchen with a sink for me off the back porch. The old deep sink I got from a little second hand shop for $5. I want to install a little frig under the counter too but first I have to get an electrician out to do some electrical hook ups. The little back shed has the water pump in it so electric is very close, just needs outlets. Now that I'm hooked up to community water I will use the pump house for a tool shed.
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rustymadgal.motime.com said...

Nice, i was wondering how you and the gang were.

Anna said...

Haven't seen you post lately, hope all is well. If you join yahoo 360 and make a blog, I'll invite you to be my friend. I'm tired of trying to get into my motime blog. You can do a search for me Anna by putting in the word permaculture. My blog comes up on 360