Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sage. This is my little burro who I adopted when she was 9 months old. Behind her is Cheriki my adopted mustang. They are close companions.

Sages Great adventure.

About a week ago I went to town. As I came around the corner I noticed Cheriki all excited because I was coming up the road. She was racing around the pasture and kicking up her heels. Sage was running too. It made me laugh, what a greeting. What I didn't notice was that Sage wasn't in her pasture but on the other side of the fence. Cheriki being very protective was doing her part in letting me know that something wasn't right. Once in the drive I could see that Sage was over in the neighbors field. These neighbors haven't been too kind to me but I figured I had to get my burro home. First I walked the fence to see where she might have gotten out. No open spaces but a couple places where the fence was sagging. Finally I hopped into my truck and drove into the neighbors drive. At first Sage was glad to see me and was willing to follow me but when she got close to the neighbors house she would run away. The neighbor came out and he was being nice for a change and so we spent a good hour trying to get her to go through a gate. I finally asked the neighbor if it was possible to cut the fence in a small section as I felt that was the only way she would go home, if she had an open space right between the properties. With a promise to him that I would see that it was fixed the neighbor came out with fence trimmers and opened a space between his field and Sages field. Within seconds Sage was happily home. All she really wanted. She had to stay in the corral a few days until I could get all the fences strengthened. She and Cheriki have over 2 acres to roam in so she wasn't happy staying in the corral. I would go out and pet her and scratch her and she called me whenever I went out the door. Sage has a nice call, she doesn't do a loud noisy hee haw but a gentle little call. For two wild and roaming free critters they do like home. Isn't she pretty? Posted by Picasa

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rmg said...

That little brat, she is just as beautiful as i imagined.