Friday, December 15, 2006

In the Courtyard in front of the house Snow Prince and Lil Carlos practice fanning their not full grown tail feathers. Come this Spring they should have tail feathers with a six foot spread. They are showing off for a couple hens and you can see mom, Luchia, behind the olive shrub. I will need to find a couple young peahens for their spring dance. They will be two years old this summer. Their Dad, Carlos, was stolen when he was in full feather one day when I went to town but fortunately he and Luchia had mated so the boys, as I call them, are the result of her setting on the eggs. This year she set on 6 eggs but there was of course no results due to the fact there is no father figure.
You can see the open space surrounded by mountains. Part of my 16 acres is back in the open desert you see in the picture. I love walking in the wash behind. On occasion a very brave coyote will come and stand by the fence. You can see the white gate behind Snow Prince to the right. That is where the coyote will stand. The boys will run up and go face to face with him squaking and fanning their feathers. The coyote stands there and only runs when I come out and wave it away. I have seen it's dug out and occasionally I see the shadow of her movement in the back field. There are lots of rabbits and quail living in the field. In the evening my dog, Manna and I go through the white gate and out back to the wilderness behind for our walk. Posted by Picasa

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