Monday, December 11, 2006

A Breezy December Day:

This is my first post here. I have a blog on called The Simple Life but I wanted to learn how to post pictures. So finally I have a picture up. This is my hay barn and horse shelter built out of old garage doors and railroad ties. The western front was from old lumber I found while hiking in the wash. Next to the haybarn is the chicken house made from fence panels and behind that the chicken yard. I like to let the chickens run loose during the day. I love getting up in the morning and first thing I head for the horse corral and feed my horse and burro, I open the chicken gate and the chickens run out happy and busy for the day. Evenings they all head in to roost.
In the picture you'll see the boys. These are my peacocks hatched by their mother Luchia. Snow Prince is pure white and when he is in full feather I'm sure he will look wonderful and lacy. Lil Carlos, named after his father Carlos, is the basic blue or purple peacock. They like to roost on the barn.
This is a beginning.

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