Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Bathtub garden area in the snow. I have found that with chickens
running loose and rabbits the best way to garden is in containers. I use
pvc pipe to make holders for chicken wire to cover the tubs so I keep
critters out of the garden. When the garden is done I take off the wire
and the chickens take dust baths and stir up the dirt in the planters.
I add more soil and chicken manure and start a new garden. These are
mostly salad gardens and spinach patches as I love greens in stir fires
with rice and fresh salads. See the little white silkie hen in the foreground? There are also aloes and iris's planted in front of the tubs to give it some
style. Young fruit trees are growing behind the tub gardens.

We usually have one or two snows a year.  Posted by Picasa

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