Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rocket stove

This is a very simple rocket stove that I am experimenting with. I wanted to have something to use in case the electricity went out as my home is all electric.  I do have a propane barbeque but this is thrifty because it uses bamboo I grow and trimmings from the trees I've planted.   The four bricks on the bottom are only as a base. The stove itself is one cement block with part of the center knocked out.  I added rocks in the bottom.  You add a half block on top as the chimney unit.  Put a little paper in the hole and stick small pieces of wood trimmings in the hole and light.  It cooks, you just have to keep feeding it small sticks.
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Ah Ngao said...

thats what i called -quick thinking.use whatever is available and yet,it funtions so well with the heat been channeled upwards.

Ah Ngao said...

hi Anna,how often does it rains over your area? is your farm far away from the city or town? what is the major types of crops or animals that are always fascinated with cowboys since early childhood - got a lot dreams younno.i got the American Dreams since i started watching movies.

Anna said...

We haven't had much rain this year. This is desert and we have the summer monsoons. Our average rainfall is about 10" per annum.
There's not much cowboy activity in Arizona anymore, my ferrier, the man who trims my burro's feet is what I would call a cowboy. I live in a spread out community but the nearest town where one can really shop is 15 miles. The area has changed a lot since I moved here 7 years ago. I would like it to be more rural but there are people who want it to be more like a city.