Monday, November 16, 2009

Evening sky

An evening sky.

I planted a big metal tub today of radishes, onions and spinach in the lath house. I also planted a pot of lemon grass and a herb jar of odds and ends. I also potted up some pomegrantate cuttings, I hope they root. It's cool and breezy today and last night was pretty chilly.
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Diane said...

AWWW such a beautiful sky. I miss planting such things. Since I don't have a place of my own...I just live thru the lives of people like you. Thank you!

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

Cool about the pomegranate cuttings. I hope they take. I did red salvia cuttings but they look rough and could use a prayer.

Anna said...

Laura, what kind of potting soil are you using for your cuttings? I'm using 1/3 sand, 1/3 potting mix, and 1/3 loam along with rooting hormone. This is my first attempt. I'm hoping.