Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful skies yesterday

Often when there are clouds we have beautiful skies. This is a shot I took yesterday.

You're probably wondering why I'm suddenly posting. I couldn't get my camera to work. I was perplexed as I went and bought new batteries and it still didn't work. A friend suggested that I should charge the rechargeable batteries just in case I had purchased them when they were uncharged. Well, it worked. Ho, Ho. Charge your batteries if your camera is not working, a simple solution.

Yesterday I planted garlic and some scallions that had dried up in the frig. I want to plant a few planters each day. I have cabbages coming up as well as kale and swiss chard. Carrots and lettuces are also popping up. In the tires I have some fairly mature pumpkins and armenian cucumbers. It all adds up when things are growing. I have been eating pumpkin bread this past week from pumpkins gleaned from hallowean and those pumpkin seeds are great toasted with some chili and spices. Pumpkin bread is very filling and my dog loves it.
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Ah Ngao said...

indeed,a beautiful happy sky! i love pumpkin cakes.