Friday, November 23, 2007

Yesterday we had a family day and gave thanks. It was pretty casual , we ate outdoors as the day was warm and welcoming. Heidi brought a turkey and I made mashed potato's and gravy plus an apple salad and cauliflower salad ( two different salads ) pickles and olives and celery sticks and steamed vegies.

Here is Neo, in the forfront, Amy and Dethin. Dethin, gave us a surprise when he practiced what he learned at school, calling 911. We were out feeding the horse when the sheriff drove in to our surprise. The sheriff had to search my house and get id because he was afraid we were hiding someone calling for help. Funny. He saw a lot of dirty dishes. The children really loved running here and there all over the property and through the house. Love having children in grandma's house, on grandma's little farm. We gathered eggs, picked watermelons and after dinner was over we made them a little worm farm to take home in a small ice chest. They picked the pumpkins they planted earlier this year and carried them around in baskets all day, full of imagination and fun.
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