Monday, November 5, 2007

Saturday I went off to yard sales to pick up some more ice chests for my earthworms. People love to talk about raising earthworms. I got some good tips and so yesterday I harvested my red worms. I sorted out all the adult worms from the verma compost and left the eggs and babies in the verma compost. The adults went into new bedding of shredded paper and peatmoss. The babies were fed cornmeal and ground up chicken scratch. Then I planted in the verma compost. When the plants are ready for transplanting I think the babies will be ready to harvest and start in new bedding. I decided this is a good way to start my plants. This morning I put my euro worms in new bedding and a larger ice chest. They were packed in and most of the bedding was already digested. I will harvest the verma compost and eggs sometime after the 15th of the month. The verma compost that I harvested awhile back with all the eggs has quit a few babies in it. I put it in a larger bin too and then I planted in it as well. I really enjoy working with earthworms. I can hardly wait till I have lots of good soil to plant in.
I also picked up a great porch swing and a complete electric fence with charger at the yard sales. Lots of fun, meeting my neighbors and finding treasures.
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