Friday, November 30, 2007

Fast Foods

When you're cooking from scratch you don't think so much of Fast foods but there are many basics that can create your own version of fast food.
About once a week I cook a crock pot full of black beans. These are my favorites others may choose another basic bean. I cook a big pot of boiled potatoes and about 2 cups of brown rice. With these in the frig some very good meals are quick to fix. One boiled potato goes in the micro wave while you take a scoup or two of black beans and place them in a pot. Add half a can of Hatch chopped tomatoes with green chili's and heat. When the potato is hot quarter it and pour the beans over the potato, add a little grated cheese and green onion and whalla there is a great meal. I love black bean burritoes with shredded green cabbage, onion and grated cheese. I also make a mushroom gravy with green sauce that I put over my brown rice. Very fast if it's all in the frig. Take a scoup of cooked brown rice in a bowl, add gravy and into the micro wave. Yum. Fried rice, potato fritata, potato soup, egg drop soup, egg foo yung all can be made very quickly with your basices. I also steam slices of sweet potato and find that when I need a snack I just slide the skin off of a cold cooked slice I have a very healthy quick snack.
Another quick food is take a package of ramon noodles and put in a fry pan with cover with water. Add a 1# package of frozen mixed vegitables. and cook together. Filling and good for you.
Home made bisquits are so quick and easy to do. I make whole wheat bisquits in the toaster oven and love to dunk them in coffee or cocoa or even hot milk.
These are some of the fast foods I keep on hand and meals are easily put together with little mess.

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