Monday, November 19, 2007

This is my brocolli in an old refrigerator growing with protection. I'm hoping to get another old refrigerator on Thursday. I harvested my baby worms this past week and they were about 1" long. They are now in with the adult worms and the vermi compost is planted with cabbage. Those plants will be transplanted when they are big enough and I will plant the vermi compost again.

We are still having very nice weather here. This week I took my great grand children and grand daughter to a wild life preserve that I had read about in the newspaper. I will say it was such a treat as they had moved from a scuzzy desert area and were now in this beautiful mountain area. Lots of room for the animals and it's clean and well planned. What an asset it is. I'm addicted. I could easily go there weekly to see the animals and the mountain area. It is 32 miles from Kingman in a little area called Valentine. There are many cats but there is one special tiger there that is like this beautiful huge kitty cat. It rolls over like it wants to have it's tummy rubbed. Monkey's, cats, (all kinds) wolves, ostriches, emus, deer, tortoises, llama's, coti mundi's , racoon's, and more all in this most beautiful setting where you can walk or take a safari tour through. With the tour adults are $21 and children are $16. Walking it is $15 for adults and $10 for children. Well worth it.
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