Monday, October 13, 2008

Tree Economy

We're facing troubled times. People are worrying about finances. Over the past years I have been investing in trees. Food bearing trees and foraging trees for the animals. Recently I was sick with pnuemonia and I found it very hard to water my trees so I had to hire someone to water. I am now investing in soaker hoses to make it easier just in case.

Think about the benefits trees give us, especially the food bearing ones. Yesterday I ate a few almonds from my new almond trees, last week I ate a pomegranite from the bushes I planted two years ago. I'm making fireplace logs from my harvested bamboo and tree trimmings. I've eaten Indian figs, regular figs, plums and apricots this year from my plantings. Each year these plantings will produce more and supply more mulch. I went to my favorite restaurant for a day off, Luchias, there are pictures farther down in my blog, and I gathered mesquite seeds and palo verde seeds that I scattered in the back open desert. Perhaps they will grow and produce a crop of good seeds that are edible. Each day I am now eating a leaf or two of my young Moringa trees. These are high in protein, calcium, vitamin A, Potasium and other vital minerals. Hopefully next year I will have the beans and seeds from these trees.

If you have space for just one or two trees make them food bearing trees. I remember as a child making apricot jam every year from an apricot tree in our backyard and eating the wonderful sweet orange fruits fresh. The leaves went into compost and made a good garden. With the stock market going like crazy, an investment in food bearing trees makes sense to me.

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