Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here is one of the little Moringa trees I planted. They grow fast once they take hold.
I planted the seed this Spring and it is taking shape and looking like a tree.
The seeds are very hard to germinate. I'm trying to germinate more seeds
but not having much success. I'm hoping next year when this tree puts out
seeds I will be able to grow more. I stop and nibble on the highly nutritous
leaves from time to time.
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Cross Road Studio said...


I have started reading your blog about your plants, hens, and the food you eat that I sincerly enjoy.

I did not read your profile but am curious to know whether you work outside the home as well.

Your blog photos are adorable and make me long to live in West Texas, a place that I love.

I set your blog as my favorite to keep up with your news.


Olga from San Antonio