Saturday, August 30, 2008


This morning I picked the last of the Indian Figs for breakfast. I'll miss their goodness. I'm wondering if the pomegranates are about ready as they are the next fruit about to ripen. I've been steaming brocolli and carrots for breakfast as well. Sounds kind of strange for breakfast but vegies for breakfast are said to be good for you.

I planted lots of mesquite seeds this week in the back area by the wash with hopes that some will start to grow. I'm trying to start some figs from cuttings. Some are in water and others with root hormone are in damp earth. My Moringa tree is looking very much like a young tree. I'm trying to start more seeds but they are very hard to germinate. Maybe next year my little tree will give me some seeds to try to start. Local and fresh they may do better.

I got rid of all my roosters this week. I put them on freecycle and a little gal took them all. I have some coming up for next season I'm sure. In the chicken yard I have peacocks with chicks and new chicks being hatched. Finally I have some hens that got it. Two hens were sitting on the nest. As the chicks hatch they hop on the ground out of the nest and one hen is taking the chicks the other hen is setting on the nest. Now that is smart. Before both hens left the nest leaving the eggs to spoil. By the end of the month I should have some more chicks as right now two hens are setting.

We are having monsoon type weather here today. Not much rain for me this summer. Other parts of the valley have gotten rain. I'm hoping this storm will bring some.


olga said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, very interesting. I love the Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountain, and New Mexico desert area. I never tire reading blogs of people traveling through this area.


Laura said...

"I'm trying to start more seeds but they are very hard to germinate."

Have you tried removing the outer husk before germinating. A friend did a test and there was a distinct difference in the germination rate and speed of the hulled seeds. Just an idea.