Saturday, August 9, 2008


During our last storm the palo verde seeds have been dropping to the ground.
I took a basket and gathered a basket full. Here I'm hulling the seeds which I
read can be cooked like dried beans or made into a flour. I'm going to try both.
To the left are a handful of almonds gathered from under my one year old
almond tree. I took off the husks and will shell them. They are small but tasty.
There are still many more on the tree. I read a report from Davis UC that
two year old almond trees can produce 400 # of shelled nuts. I have planted
six trees this year. I have been paying $5 .- $7. a # at the grocery store for
shelled almonds. The hulls from the shell make good mulch as do the hulls of
the palo verde seeds.
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