Monday, October 27, 2008

I am posting two photo's for comparison of the bamboo planted by the chicken
yard. The bottom picture is this Spring and the top picture is as it is today.
I planted 4 plants last year in the late summer and this is how they have
filled out and grown tall. The bamboo makes wonderful screens. I have not
trimmed out last years growth as you can see the brown. If it is kept prunned
it stays green and beautiful. It is edible, and has many uses. I'm currently
making fireplace bundles of 18" pieces of dried bamboo and wrapping them
in freebee newspapers. I bind them with a small piece of florests wire.
I haven't tried these as yet but I'm hoping that they will give me a bit of
warmth and cheer on cold mornings and evenings this winter and supplement
the other wood I have.

I have planted a 100' row of bamboo along the property line where I have
new neighbors and they are building some very large buildings. Hopefully
in a year it will be tall and providing the screen necessary for privacy.
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