Monday, August 6, 2007

Well, the boys are back in the pen. I'm sure they would rather be loose but Snow has taken too much delight in making me bring him home. He went to the neighbors the other evening to see their peacocks. They live very close, just across a field but right now I am very busy with weeding after the rains. Lots of goatheads coming up and I'm trying to do more planting so all my energy needs to be focused on that and not out chasing the boys. Their mom is setting on 4 eggs in the garden. I imagine they will be hatching about the 23 of August. It doesn't look like the the eggs the hen is setting on in the chicken house are going to hatch. No sign of hatching and they should have hatched by the 4th. Guess in a few days I'll have to take them away. I hate to see the hen setting on none fertile eggs. That may be the case with Luchia's eggs too as the only males are her sons and they still may be too young. Time will tell.
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