Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is the garden as it is this week. The tire's are new plantings and further back I have a row o f zuccini coming up. The zuccini all ready planted and producing is slowing down so I'm starting to clean some of them out and I'm replacing those plantings with nitrogen fixing plants like beans and clover. I've got some bermuda grass growing at the edge and I cut it and feed the green grass to the chickens and the mustang and burro. I'm also cleaning out the corn and giving it to the animals as fodder. I gave my grandson a watermelon when he came over to help me work on the goathead weeds this morning. I picked my second watermelon yesterday and it's now cold in the frig. That makes 3 I've picked. Got many more getting ripe. I'm saving seed from some of the best ones.
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