Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yesterday I took a road trip to my favorite little restaurant, Luchia's. You turn South on 93 after going North out of Kingman AZ on I-40. Luchia's is located about 4 miles from the little town of Wikieup. Years ago this couple settled there and began their gardens. Luchia baked pies and created a pie and coffee shop along the highway. This has been their home and business for many years. Luchia died in 2001. They have very high quality jewelry and Indian artifacts in their gift shop. I love it when people create a life as they have done. The patio dinning is in a beautiful oasis in the desert. 3 years ago I purchased my peahen Luchia from them and now have my beautiful boys from her, Snow Prince and Lil Carlos. I hope you enjoy your visit to Luchia's. I always do and take a long leisurely lunch. I go there about once or twice a year as it is a good 60 miles from my home.
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squire said...

It's always great to see someone create their own little niche. Thanks for stopping by my blog.