Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Through the window by my computer, Snow Prince watches on. He likes to visit as does his brother and see what I'm doing. He will be an exotic bird when his lacy white feathers are full and fanned. I feel so lucky that Luchia had an all white male. Snow is the most curious of the two and often is the one I have to walk home as he likes to go exploring at the neighbors homes. When I come out they head for home like naughty children.
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theroadrunner said...

What a wonderful picture! That peacock is a beautiful bird. It's so totally unexpected to see a peacock against a desert background!
Animals are our gift from God, to let us know what true love is..
Thank you for posting all the great pictures, and I look forward to seeing many more pictures of your animals and lovely home!

Anna said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I enjoy my home and animals.

mafidl said...

I've never seen a white peacock before - beautiful.
I sent you a somewhat rambling Momail about using Photobucket. I ran out of bandwidth for pics before I got the Pro account - and never had problems after getting Photobucket [it's free].

Anna said...

I'm having computer problems. Been on the phone for hours this afternoon both with Dsl provider and computer co. They both think that Norton is the problem. Had to look for Norton to get in touch with them. Finally got my notebook out and emailed them. Will try their sugestions to see if I can get on line. Sigh. Don't have my photo's on this computer.