Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The compost bin. It's thawing out some and I actually got to water the horses with the hose instead of carrying water out by hand from jugs I brought in the house to keep it from freezing. Chickens are laying good so I took eggs to a neighbor and to the food bank. A little lady said," Are these for us?" I said "Yes farm fresh eggs" "What can we put them in?" she asked and looked scoldingly at me. I had not brought brown lunch bags from the kitchen. Chastized I will remember next time.
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rustymadgal.motime.com said...

Very nice. Your picture is so sharp. You use a digital camera dont you?

Whenever i shoot anywhere towards the direction(not even the sun itself) of the sun with my digital the photos get washed out. I even asked at the camera shoppe and they said thats normal. Obviously its not.