Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sage calling for a carrot. cheriki waiting patiently .

Yesterday was a beautiful day but I couldn't stay home because Manna had to go get her stitches out. Going to town means doing as many errands as possible so after the vet I picked up some chicken scratch, ran by my favorite Thrift store yard. There all the unsorted items are sold at a huge discount. I picked up a shovel, almost new, a campers chair in it's cloth bag, and a curtain for the camper, plus one of those spray units that work so well for a shower, $4.00. for all. I love going there. Usually they charge $2.00 - $4.00 for a grocery cart full of stuff. I stopped off at Wally World, (Yes, I know, not the best choice) and picked up some new curtain rods for the camper. By then I was pretty hungry so I stopped at Subway for a Tuna sub. Then went to Staples and picked up printer ink. Was good to get back home after my day. It was such a beautiful evening if felt like Spring. I went out and raked the gravel I had hauled for the driveway intrance. That tired me out pretty good, so I fed the critters and gathered eggs. Took a sack of eggs and set it in the basket my neighbor has at her gate. She loves the eggs. Finally curled up and settled in for the evening with some crackers and cheese and watched Oprah. I was reminded again of the statistics. 1% of the population own 40%of the assets in America. It was discussing the tremendous gap between the rich and the poor here in the good old USA. I worry about the younger generation. My daughter called and reminded me I had to take my grandson into town in the morning for his interview with Manpower. Off to work.
So next morning I was up again and headed for town after picking up my grandson. I dropped off some eggs at the food bank and they had some really nice bunches of Italian parsley, so I took a couple. By the time I got home I did a little bit of cleaning on the camper and came in out of the wind. Curses, it's windy again. The wind makes me tired. So that's it for today .
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