Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Protected growing area

Recently I was able to purchase this dog kennel, 6x6x6 for $75 from a local person. It has a nice gate and a roof. My plan is to use it as a nice growing area that the birds and rabbits can't get to. I am going to start putting soil amendments inside so that by Spring I can start a garden. I wish I could get some more of these kennels at that price. At Home Depot just one panel is $59.00 so getting the whole unit for under $100. is a big savings. In the forground is a newly transplanted palo verde tree and behind the kennel is the transplanted olive. The young olive was too close to where I am now parking my truck and was always in danger of being run over, so I moved it last week to behind the lath house. As these trees grow and fill out the will provide shade for the lath house and growing areas.
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Diane said...

What a great idea. Yes you did find a great deal...congrats!