Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potting Indian Fig

Yesterday when I was at Home Depot I saw pots of Indian Fig for $29. Today I pruned my Indian Fig, which it needed and I'm potting up these trimmings. I won't sell them for $29. but if I can get $10. that would be great. I picked another watermelon and it was good. This is a beautiful day, December 1st. Great to be out working. I potted up my new tomatoes and put them in the greenhouse. I also pruned the fruiting mulberrry to see if I can start some cuttings for next year. I'm going to start digging the holes for next years plantings. I want to start more Moringa trees and more native Palo Verdes on this property. Both trees are fast growing and both provide food. The palo verde is nitrogen fixing as well so they help the soil and bring up deep minerals.

My darling peahens got into the lath house and were giving themselves dust baths in the planted barrel. Shzzzzz. Always critters.

I read today that one of the biggest causes by almost 1/2 is eating meat. I hate the factory farms they use to grow meat but more than that we are creating global warming because of our need to eat meat. Palo Verde seeds are high in protein as are Moringa leaves. Trees can produce protein for us and how about nuts? I read recently that we could easily substitute nuts for grains and they generally are raised with less fossil fuel than grains are. I have gradually gotten used to an almost vegitarian diet and like it.
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Ah Ngao said...

waa..is this cactus plant edible?

Anna said...

Yes, it is a prickly pear so the pads are edible and the fruits are delicious. I'll repost some pictures of the fruit.