Monday, July 6, 2009


Another good video! I'm digging a bit and coming in and watching videos to rest and then out again to dig. Fish pond and swales are the order of the day.I hope you have the time to enjoy these.


toem said...

Sorry to bother you through your blog. I know this is not the right way for my request but since I somehow can not reach you through I have to give it a shot.
I (tried to) sent you an "application" to volunteer on your project.
If you are interested I would love to send it directly to you.
just drop a short line: t.d?r?ese?ma?nn@?we?b.d?e (Just leave out the questionmarks. Don't want my email to be found by google)
You can of course delete this if you either sent me an email or dont want to bother with me at all.

Take care,

Anna said...

Hi Toem,

You can send me an email at I couldn't quit get your email.