Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moringa trees

I have been trying to get some Moringa Trees started from seeds.
This is my first seedling. They are supposed to grow 12 to 15 feet a year.
These trees are said to be miracle trees having high protein, calcium, vitamin A
and many medicinal uses. The leaves can be eaten like spinach. It also has bean pods
that can be eaten when young. These beans also are high in oil that can be
used for oil. It was a very high grade lubricant oil before whale oil and it can
be used in cooking and for lamp light. This is a very useful and healthful tree.
They call it the tree of life because it is so beneficial. Powdered leaves can be
ground and given to starving babies as a milk substitute, because of the protein,
calcium and vitamin A content They also have an edible flower that is said
to taste like mushroom and the roots can be used as horse radish substitute.
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