Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is not my garden but I'm beginning and have some little plants coming up. My camera is not working today for some reason but I hope it will cooperate so I can get some pictures up.
I left all the garden debry out all winter and my chickens were busy scratching and eating . A couple weeks ago I raked back the mulch and began putting in rows. The soil was beautiful, soft and pliable. I've planted peas, cabbage, carrots, beets, celery, long beans, lettuce in my garden area. I've also planted some rows of sunflowers as screens from the street and a tree called the Moringa tree. I'm hoping it will grow well here as the whole tree is edible and it grows very quickly, like 12 -15 ' a year. I'll tell you more about this tree if it starts to grow.
I've got peas and limas coming up along the fence to climb up and tomatoes and potatoes growing in tires. Since I locked the chickens up the swiss chard is coming back strong and I have been eating lettuce and broccoli from my frig planters.
The trees are blossoming out. Spring is arriving and I'm looking forward to a new growing season.
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