Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's been a crazy week or so. Coyotes in the yard like they owned the place. My out chasing the 4 chickens who were out of the pen to get them in. Finally after a week of chasing with a big fish net I finally got my little black silkie hen in by tricking her and the next morning I tricked the other three into the pen. Then Mr smart rooster sneaked out when I went in to feed. When I tried to let him in last night because he was pacing back and forth by the chicken house gate he wouldn't go in and another rooster and my geanea got out. ( never can spell that right ) . So now I have two roosters and a geanea out, sigh.

I went to the fish and game and there's nothing I can do about the coyotes except make my home either inacessable or unfriendly to them. I can put ammonia soaked rags where it appears they are digging under the fence.

We have had bitterly cold weather and warm weather here in the last weeks. Very confusing. I got out and planted some peas and so my Spring garden is starting. I have planted two walnuts and an almond this February. The almond is blooming. I also planted a row of Moringa. I'm hoping they will grow.

My neighbor has emu and this weekend I looked to see an emu walking along the fence. It was a bit of a rodeo as the neighbor and his buddy wrestled the emu to the ground and I gave them some hay twine to tie the feet as he was getting quit a kicking. Off he went across the field carrying the tethered emu . They're interesting birds, soft feathers and big beautiful eyes.

I'm still missing my beautiful peacocks. I'm trying to console myself by telling myself it will be easier gardening without them for now but it's not working.
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Ginger said...

I came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I'm sorry about your beautiful peacocks. We think coyotes took our sweet Australian Shepherd, Cinnamon, a few years ago when we lived in the country near Abilene, Texas. She was mostly an inside dog, but she perched on top of a small mound every evening, looking out over the countryside. That last evening with her, she howled and howled and she had never done that before. We could hear the coyotes calling back to her and they sounded so close. We tried so hard to coax her inside, but we couldn't. She just vanished. We live in the city now, but are planning a move to Terlingua in the near future. I'm excited about being in the country again and look forward to reading more about your adventures. Best to you.