Friday, October 26, 2007

This is the first harvest of the verma compost. It's been just about a month of the worms working on the shredded junk mail, garbage and peat moss that has produced this beautiful black stuff. It is full of eggs so I am letting it sit for another month before I harvest again. I'll start new beds for the baby worms and then use the compost in plantings. If all these eggs hatch I should soon have many, many worms working for me. These were the euro worms . I still have a bin of the red worms to harvest. I will be looking for more old ice chests for homes as these are insulated and work well. In the egg bed I have added ground up chicken scratch and cornmeal to feed the babies . This is quit a large ice chest full of the harvested verma compost. Great project for good soil.
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