Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Temple Bar

My grand daughter and I took a day trip yesterday to Hendersen, Nevada. We took a side trip to Temple Bar on the way, a 60 mile side trip but it was worth it. This is Lake Mead and we ate breakfast looking out on the water. It was a beautiful day. From my place to Las Vegas it is 89 miles. This is really not such a distance to have city shopping. I buy my moisturizing cream from Trader Joes. I know some people have issues with Trader Joes but this moisturizing cream is reasonably priced and made from many natural herbs. It seems to be the only thing that helps my skin on my feet when it starts to crack with the weather changes. I bought a years supply plus some eco friendly laundry soap and some shampoo and olive oil. We had lunch before leaving Hendersen in a huge mall at a Chevies. I had the most wonderful enchiladas I've ever eaten. They were artichoke and mushroom enchiladas with creamy green sauce. I hope I can make them something like that because they are wonderful. Walmart in Henderson had all their plants 50% off so needless to say I bought some trees. A Meyer lemon and meditarianian orange, two for $20 nice trees. I also got two large palms for $9 each. Love those trees.
We also visited the little town of Chloride with all it's old mining rustic charm. All in all we had a very nice day trip and she got a break from the great grands. They were all happy when we returned with a few treats.
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