Thursday, January 6, 2011



Christine Baker said...

Very interesting vid. Jose just mentioned that she's growing everything with city water (chlorine & fluoride), but I suppose so do you. Most people never think about their water.

Are you going to butcher your goats?

We'd probably get some animals if we knew what to do with them -- sure are not going to kill and eat them!

I'm still thinking alpaca because you can use the wool. And I'd like goat cheese, but don't know how hard it is to make it. And you probably can't sell it legally.

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Anna said...

I love my goats for the little compost machines they are. If I had had a billy, I had thought about using the meat. My main goal is to milk the goat and make cheese. It's very easy. There are many Youtube videos that show how to make goat cheese.

Anna said...

Water is a problem for us all unless we only use rain water.