Friday, October 22, 2010

Thoughts on Life

Sometimes I wake up with an ominous feeling.  My connection to nature is not out of wack it is the human content in my life.  I think it is the political atmosphere that is creating such disturbance.  To hear the ads for the candidates, one professing to be for education is an aspiring pedifile, another who wants to be treasurer is a fraudulent business man, another has a moral compass that is so broken that he couldn't find the parking lot, and wrote for a sex web page.   Are there not any solid, down to earth people who want to serve others?  Is it all for show, all for prestege, all for money?  In a society hurting for jobs polititians get paid pretty good. 

More ominous feelings come in from this banking sham.  All these fraudulent foreclosures and no real effort to deal with the current home owner so they can keep their home.  Instead they foreclose and then sell it at a hugely discounted price.  Where is the concern for their fellow man?  Is business about being hard hearted and walking over others  to feel important?  Then there is the announcement by the UN that more countries are facing food shortages and people are starving while commodity brokers, buyers and sellers are pushing food prices higher for profit.  This inches life sustaining food  away from the fingertips of those who desperately need it.  Hands reach out but cannot touch.

Halloween.  The time when everyone loves to dress and put on costumes, often scarey ones. Monsters and ghouls roam among princesses and ballerina's all asking to trick or treat.  Is this our real personalities being acted out once a year?  The real us motivated by greed at the expense of others?  Is all our ambition based on doing something dishonest, mean and underhanded to others if we don't get our "treat"?   Where is that inner voice, that trueness that makes us conscious of what is right?  Where are the moral compasses of the masses?  Are we all on automatic?  Whatever seems convenient and comfortable for me is ok, who cares if it harms someone else? Are we just motivated by pride and pretense ? How important do I look to others so I can take a position in the social statusphere?

The real truth is we were just naked little babies all of us.   We have built around us pretense and scam or remained simple and true with our moral compasses in tact.  Whatever pretense we have built is not real or important except in our jaded eyes.  Can you find your moral compass  under all the self serving pretense?  I am fearful of the direction humans go when they lose site of what has value.


Bizzray said...

You have an interesting outlook on life. I agree with much of what you say. Look forward to following your blogs. L.R

Christine Baker said...

Anna, you wrote that? Doesn't really sound like you.

And who are those politicians?

Someone recently said that people are more willing to screw others, take unfair advantage, probably because they get screwed all the time too.

It's a dog-eat-dog world.

I'm glad that at least the politics go right by me ... so busy doing our own thing.