Saturday, June 5, 2010

First squash blossum

This morning I found my first squash blossum open in my little circle gardens.
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Diane-Sage said...

Yahooooo...don't look like I will get a garden going this year. Still trying to get settled in at the new place. Thank God for farmers market.

Anna said...

There's an old saying, "Inch by inch it's a cinch, yard by yard is hard." By digging a hole a day or whatever I'm up to and planting it in mulch, compost and good soil, I have little circle gardens coming up everywhere. High hopes for small spaces.

Christine Baker said...

How are your squash? Ours are STILL eaten by mice. Little squash, leaves and entire plants ... We got at least 6 mice since we started setting traps, but there are still more.