Sunday, May 30, 2010


The Pond is starting to take on a life of it's own. I enjoy sitting on the bench and watching the fish dart about.
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Diane-Sage said...

Lookin' good...any ideas of keeping water from being sucked up from the sun?

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

I like watching fish dart too. I have the 3 goldfish in the trash can. The one big guy flaps on the surface and it makes a big splash.
It's always good for a smile from me. Today I thought of getting koi, the fancy with the long fins. They are beautiful and big eaters. What kind of fish do you have?

Anna said...

I spray the pond once a day to help get air into the water. It helps keep down the algae.

The fish are feeder goldfish. LOL. They are growing fast now that they are in the big pond. I have some interesting ones, red, gold with white and just gold.

I have the new zealand spinach, red onions, asparagus, cannas, iris, red and green cabbage, hen and chicks, aloe, and some other succulents, along with Indian Fig. They are starting to take hold and beginning to give the site a little interest.