Monday, June 29, 2009

Sustainability board meeting

Recently I met up with Melanie De Bo who is an activist and thinks sustainably.
She has tried to work on a program to better our county with forward thinking
and sustainable principles. When she and I got together we motivated each
other and got things rolling. This is the first board meeting at Melanies.
We will be reinstating a dormant non profit called "The Cerbat Learning Center"
Our mission statement will be "Promoting and Implimenting Sustainability
In Our Community"
In the forefront, Melanie, the new Director, Connie, (just behind her) Jack, ( Jack is off to Washington this week to speak about sustainability), me and Sharon.
Sharon is a lawyer in nearby California so said she might have a conflict of interest,
being on the board but will help out.
This is a new adventure for me and I'm looking forward to helping in the education
and promotion of sustainable lifestyles in Mohave County, Az.
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Justin said...

That sounds cool. What exactly are some of your ideas for sustainability?

Anna said...

Some of our goals will be food forests, desert permaculture gardening, community gardens, local food, recycling, alternative energy, wild foods, community service projects with job training, entreprnuership, rain catchment and water conservation.