Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The chicks are now outside in an old bathtub. They're feathered out but still
love crockpot mom. Looks like I have some barred rock roosters as they fill
the box if it's shy of 25 with roosters. I didn't order any barred rocks. My order
was, 3 welsummer pullets, 3 wyandote pullets, 3 silkies mixed, 3 arracauna
pullets, 3 collumbian wyandots mixed and 3 reds pullets. 18 and 2 of the silkies
died and 1 of the collumbian wyandottes. Looks like I have 6 barred rocks.
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Bobbi said...

Is Crockpot Mom still turned on, or have you turned her off? Those chicks are so cute but how did you lose the Silkies? they always look so delicate to me. How old are the chicks now?

Justin Halter said...

They are cute! We just got some chickens too, just babies, the first we've raised.

Anna said...

I will never again order silkies with larger breed chickens. They tend to get crushed or smuthered by the larger chicks. The crockpot was kept on until they were fully feathered. I now have them in the chicken pen and the little roosters were given away. I kept maybe two roosters. I will get a picture of the pretty little pullets soon.