Monday, February 16, 2009

Proposed Kennel

This picture was taken from my front room window of the proposed new kennel.
My new neighbors want a want a commercial boarding and breeding kennel so
this week we had the Zoning Use Permit hearing. There were two neighbors
beside me that opposed. My concern is the constant barking as caged dogs
who aren't at home are characteristicly very upset and barking a lot.
My neighbors are very angry at me for speaking at the zoning meeting.
Yesterday they drove around the perimeter of the property on their ATV
with a black flag that had a skull and cross swords on it. It was black.
I take it as a symbol of hostility or a threat. I spoke to them and tried to
explain that I have nothing against them personally or the dogs they
have but that caged dogs are very noisy. One of the pleasures we have
here is sitting out on our porches on summers evenings and enjoying the
cooler evening air. Constant dog barking would not be welcome.
The fact that it sits directly across from my front door is a bit up-
setting as well. I spend as much time as I can outdoors so it means
I will be hearing the noise from the kennel when I'm trying to
commune with nature.
They had applied for a zoning permit for a shop parking area not a
kennel until it was discovered by building inspectors that they
intended to have a kennel. If they had gone through a proper use
permit they would have discovered before putting up the building
and buying the materials how the neighbors felt. I was told I was un-
neighborly because I didn't come and speak to them but then the
wife said she didn't have to tell me what she was doing and there
werent' any codes that said she had to speak to me. I guess it
works both ways. They weren't very approachable. It's upsetting.
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