Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a beautiful day today. I got out and started some tomato plants, planted
some more potatoes and peas, some radishes and did a little maintainance
on the trees. I clipped some bamboo and cut it in 18" pieces for my fireplace
logs. The little almond trees are starting to get buds. February is usually
when they blossum out.
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Ginger said...

Anna, you have encouraged me to consider planting a garden. I've been thinking about one for a while. I'm clueless - the last garden I had was in 1979 (wow, showing my age here) and while it was successful, I've forgotten everything. I did start a compost pile a couple of months ago, though, and have a good source for manure. Maybe I can make a go of it. Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

I hope you can make a good garden. It is trial an error for me and always working to thart the critter who want to eat it. We have thrasher birds with long beaks that go down the row and get all the seed if they aren't covered and rabbits who will eat almost anything.