Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birds and Fowl

I purchased more peacocks. This is Leroy, don't ask me why he got
that name it just came to mind. He is a real show off and spreads
those tail feathers for the ladies. Along with Leroy I got two females.
One has a chick. Seraphena is the mom of the chick and Chia is the other
peahen. Chia has gotten out 2 times now and is easy to walk back into the pen.
You'll see Seraphena and the chick in the two pictures below. The chick looks
like a chickens chick and I have three of those running around too. That's Lenny
in the foreground of the picture.

My son and grandsons were here this weekend and brought me a little Geo Metro.
It's supposed to get 40 miles to the gal, I 'll find out but it is nice with gas prices going
While here my sons mentioned what a diverse bird population I had. It's true sittng
on my back porch I have a dove nesting in my pine tree close to my lounge. Juvinile
cactus wrens come and play on my backporch entertaining me most mornings. A
young thrasher is also visiting me almost daily not quit all feathered out yet. These
birds are not my favorites as they can go right down a row of freshly planted seeds
with their long curved beak and completely undo the work of planting. Quail families
of various sizes cross the property daily and it is fun to see how the babies have grown
or to see new little buttons. Yesterday I was looking out across the back property and
saw a road runner. Soon I realized there was a nest under a creosote bush and three
juviniles were busy learning to hunt and play. A little humming bird whirred in and
got a bit of sugarwater and there are lots of sparrows. I also saw a bright yellow
oriole fly up into my mulberry tree. I am very entertained by all the birds that have
come to make a life close to me.
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Julie said...

They are beautiful Anna!!